Since 2011, First Nations clans have been sharing their stories on their terms with ​Red Earth Groups​

Why Red Earth

For Traditional Owners, we provide the tools and platform needed to welcome people onto their Land

Together, we work to:

  • Empower Traditional Owners to share their stories and culture and build meaningful connections with groups that may otherwise not be possible
  • Create a sustainable income by inviting Traditional Owners to host and facilitate immersions on a regular basis
  • Assist our partners to manage and maintain their land so that future generations will not lose their connection to cultures

Wondering how becoming a partner homeland could help your mob?

  • We are driven by the enthusiasm of our First Nations partners, and are proud to work with them to create meaningful experiences that benefit hosts and visitors alike.
  • You get to decide if and when groups stay with you on your land
  • We provide support and training so that you and your community can become great cultural educators
  • Earn money as cultural educators and have fun with people from all around the world – without leaving your land
  • Our groups will raise money for and work on community projects that you choose
  • Build community pride by sharing your knowledge, history and stories
  • Make lasting connections with organisations and schools from all over the world
Some of our

Traditional Owner Partners

Want to find out more about becoming a partner homeland?