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Advocacy Program for Corporates

Advocacy Program for Corporates

Monday 21st to Wednesday 23rd October 2024

Heavily subsidised Immersion | $870 pp

A Certificate of Completion will be given.

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What we do

Red Earth Immersion Experiences

Our immersions are all-inclusive, comprehensive programs designed to connect groups to the beauty and realities of life in First Nations people.

  • Immerse yourself into the heart of Australia and the oldest culture in the world
  • Tailor an itinerary suited to your RAP, ESG and CSR goals where applicable
  • Remote Australia programs operate from March-November while local to Sydney (Hawkesbury) programs operate year round. Visit and explore the iconic sites in your chosen region
  • Your Red Earth guides will introduce you to dedicated Traditional Owners and their families who will host you on their private Homeland
  • Understand challenges within First Nations communities and sustainability of land and culture 
  • A multi day cultural immersion like no other... Leave with a new appreciation of life, and memories to hold forever!

Authentic and Ethical Connections

At Red Earth we practice allyship and support, connecting your groups with real experiences that Traditional Owners choose to share on their own terms.

Traditional Owners have chosen to work with Red Earth because of the reputation we have gained across Australia within the vast yet intimate networks among families and communities we partner with.

This Bush Telegraph and word-of-mouth referral system has led to new opportunities for families developing their homes and businesses over 12 years.

Through Immersion programs, Red Earth supports First Nations businesses, providing sustainable employment on Country.

  • Each Immersion contributes 30% of the cost to the employment and business operations of our Partners.

Additionally, Red Earth groups support Homelands and Communities with fundraising investments and hands-on projects that continue to build upon their vision for a functionally sustainable space and home. Please see our Fundraising page here.

Are you an individual adult? Join a public immersion in 2024. Click here to apply.

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How to get involved

  • We can tailor a program for your budget starting from $24,000
  • Immersions from 4-9 days are the sweet spot, but we can host 1-4 day programs on the Hawkesbury
  • Choose between going really remote across5 regions, or our more local to Sydney destination, the Hawkesbury
  • Swap out your company retreat for a richer, more meaningful experience
  • Tailoring to meet your connection goals and outcomes
  • We match you with the right regions,Homelands and communities who are ready to welcome you
  • Decide to contribute with a hands-onproject to continue building up the Homelands you would visit

Contact us for Immersion options designed for your group

Frequently Asked Questions

How do Elders and Traditional Owners feel about people coming onto their land? Will we be intruding?


We are an organisation driven by our First Nations partners in the homelands of remote Australia. Our mission is to create genuine connections with First Nations People the help they need if they wish to welcome and open the hearts of young Australians to their country, culture, and way of life. We only make our resources available if we’re asked to help. Traditional Owners are the ones that decide if and when people should come onto their land, not us.

What amenities are available? Will there be showers and bathrooms?


There are flushing or drop toilets everywhere we go. Most of our partner homelands have shower facilities but you may have to go a few nights without, particularly in the winter. The amenities will be basic, but this is definitely not a bush survival camp so we will make sure you feel comfortable and safe.

What food will be available?


While there will be opportunities for the group to forage bush foods, there will be three fresh food deliveries throughout the immersion with a focus on big healthy meals. We cater for every kind of dietary requirement and expect students and staff to participate in the preparation of food.

Are there community projects during the immersion?


An important part of Red Earth’s mission is to help create sustainable homelands so that Traditional Owners can live on their ancestral land. Elders tell us their vision for their homeland and the type of projects they would like help with, and students then fundraise for and sometimes physically work on those projects with their host communities.

What is the pre-departure program like?


Red Earth takes its responsibility to ensure that each person attending an immersion gives, grows and leads very seriously. We design a pre-departure program tailored for your specific region and itinerary, and will meet with the group twice in the lead up to departure to ensure everyone is prepared for the journey ahead.

Will we be safe?


We take safety very seriously, and it informs every aspect of an immersion. You can read more about our approach to safety at

Could there be variations to our itinerary?


Changes to your proposed itinerary and activities are likely and part of travelling to remote First Nations communities. The availability of our partner homelands may change for practical or cultural reasons, but conversations and personal connection with Traditional Owners and their families are at the heart of all Red Earth immersions. Our strong network of partner homelands means we can guarantee an authentic experience with deep connections regardless of where your group travels to.

Case Study

Ray White

I consider myself very lucky to have been able to visit the APY lands and to spend time with the local communities, learning their traditions and culture...  As a result, we have all grown much closer. I feel my life has been enriched in many ways by this experience.

- Jessica Brincat, Ray White Group

Case Study

Telstra Corporation

It was a fabulous opportunity for me to get immersed in First Nation Culture, to learn about them and the challenges they face in their day-to-day lives. Every Australian needs to experience this immersion. There is so much that needs to be done for the betterment of Traditional Owners of our lands.

- Anjani Jaswal, Telstra Corporation

Case Study

Innovation Bay

Two months later and the time spent on Country still resonates deeply within. The space to disconnect and distance from the usual hectic flow of life was the perfect backdrop to reflect on and reassess what really matters. Everyone who came on our expedition with Red Earth retuned home different in some meaningful way.

- Cameron Webb, SVP of Member Experiences, Innovation Bay