Impact Overview

At Red Earth we practice allyship and support, connecting your groups with real experiences that Traditional Owners choose to share on their own terms.

​Traditional Owners have chosen to work with Red Earth because of the reputation we have gained across Australia within the vast yet intimate networks among families and communities we partner with.  

  • Each Immersion contributes 30% of the cost to the employment and business operations of our Partners

Additionally, Red Earth groups support Homelands and Communities with fundraising investments and hands-on projects that continue to build upon their vision for a functionally sustainable space and home. Please see our Fundraising page here.

We know the Impact First Nations families experience through Red Earth programs.

Impact Goals

For Homelands:

  • Create succession opportunities for families
  • Role model experiential education for family generations
  • Develop skills and confidence in First Nations Partners becoming and expanding as cultural educators
  • Provide a voice and platform for First Nations Partners to be seen and heard
  • Build upon quality of Homeland life

      For Participating Groups:

      • Expose your group to deeper understanding and knowledge, shifting paradigms
      • Support Aboriginal Studies and affairs & RAP alignment and engagement
      • Provide an experience that cannot be parallelled through books, classrooms, or workshops
      • Meet your extended goals with your CSR, RAP, ESG and DE&I teams