Immersion Leaders

Our Immersion staff are a crucial element in realizing Red Earth's vision. Without great staff, we are unable to do what we do.​

​Our Immersion Leaders serve as our frontline representatives, ensuring safe, enjoyable, and meaningful programs for all participants and First Nations partners seamlessly blending your immersion goals with Red Earth's vision and Traditional Owners' aspirations. They bridge the gap between groups and Traditional Owners by building strong relationships with our partners and the group ensuring a safe, organized, and authentic experience. Their goal is to facilitate moments of connection as well as personal development throughout the journey.

You won’t need to bring your own facilitators along on an Immersion! Simply tell us your goals and we can provide the tailoring you need.

Our Leaders and Assistants possess expertise in remote first aid, logistics, group dynamics, activity facilitation, and experiential learning. They demonstrate cultural competence, collaborating respectfully with Traditional Owners and First Nations people across diverse settings. With backgrounds as outdoor guides, teachers, firefighters, nurses, community leaders, and business owners, they bring the right set of skills and experiences to their roles.

Outside of work, they are passionate adventurers who explore remote corners of the globe through activities such as long-distance hiking and mountain cycling.

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Who are Red Earth’s Immersion Leaders?

  • Experts in guiding - Our Immersion Leaders excel in remote first aid, logistics, group dynamics, activity facilitation, and experiential learning
  • Culturally competent- Equipped by Red Earth, they guide and support their team across cultural settings, collaborating respectfully with Traditional Owners and First Nations people
  • From diverse backgrounds - The team draws on a wide background of skills and experience – as outdoor guides and instructors, teachers and educators, firefighters and nurses, community leaders and business owners
  • Approachable and dedicated - Approachable and easy to get along with, our Leaders and Assistants work tirelessly to build rapport with your group and Traditional Owners
  • Carefully trained - industry-leading experts carefully trained by Red Earth to deliver impactful experiences
  • Adventure seekers - In their spare time, they embark on epic adventures, from hiking long distances to cycling down mountains and exploring far-flung corners of the globe

How are the Immersion Leaders selected?

  • Red Earth's team of Immersion Leaders and Assistants grows annually through a competitive and selective process
  • Minimum requirements for Leaders include at least 3 years of professional group leading experience in outdoor settings
  • Applications are screened based on specific criteria, followed by group interviews and reference checks

What does our training program involve?

  • Attend a 3-day internal induction event
  • Obtain working with children, first aid, and water rescue certification
  • Undergo four-wheel drive training
  • Study Red Earth’s internal learning modules
  • Serve as an Assistant on at least two immersions, learning from experienced Leaders in the field

This process not only equips new staff with the necessary skills but also fosters relationships with Traditional Owners and communities.

What does a Red Earth Leader do on an immersion?

  • Liaising with Traditional Owners to organise activities during the immersion
  • Ensuring all activity equipment is present, so the sessions run seamlessly
  • Providing first aid and emergency support for the group
  • Overseeing group logistics, such as catering and transportation
  • Organising and managing camping equipment
  • Collaborating with teachers to deliver an immersion suited to the client group or goals (e.g. service learning, curriculum-based, alignment with Reconciliation Action Plan)
  • Facilitating reflective learning within the group
  • Upholding Red Earth policies, managing risk and communications