Fundraising Initiatives
and Projects

Over the past 11 years, we've partnered with Homelands and Communities to discover their needs they may have to build upon their homes. Red Earth groups will fundraise to get involved with an investment for the communities or get hands-on with a project during their Immersion. This creates a tangible impact, further engages immersion groups, and supports the continuation of economic sustainability on Country.

Hands-on projects can include examples such as putting up fencing, painting, gardening, land rehabilitation, or building a small shelter. Any funds not used in these projects are available for groups to contribute to an ongoing community investment if they wish.

Community Investment can include contributing to a skilled labour projects such as toilet or shower blocks, water tanks, plumbing or electrical requirements, and each investment counts towards a pooling of funds for these larger cost projects, which are a priority and much needed.

School Groups - Service Learning

Service learning can encompass many different things and we encourage students to think beyond the old ‘bricks and mortar’ approach, instead focusing on supporting sustainability and the continuation of culture. We believe there are many ways for young people to be of service to the remote First Nations homelands and communities they will visit and instil this in students from the very first time we meet:

  • Making meaningful personal connections
  • Sharing stories
  • Becoming ambassadors for those they meet

Fundraising initiatives are a great way to further deepen this experience.

These projects unlock the potential of skilled labour and trades. For example

  • Enhancing facilities with installations like toilets and showers
  • Improving infrastructure through tasks like roofing houses and rewiring lighting
  • Contributing to community well-being by supporting initiatives such as funding the youth center or organizing a careers fair
How can we get involved in these initiatives?

  • Speak to your Relationship Manager
  • Pick a fundraising amount (typically between $80-150 per person and decide between a community investment (recommended) or hands-on project
  • Red Earth will provide you with a list of pipelined projects for that region and their estimated costs (variances to this are common due to weather/ Homeland requests and project timelines)
  • Start fundraising with your group
  • Once fundraising is complete, Red Earth arrange the allocation of these funds (to an ideal design)
  • Red Earth will present the pipelined projects and design brief/s relevant in the Pre-Departure sessions

After completing large-scale projects, the group will receive photos showing their contributions' impact. Additionally, time traditionally spent 'on the tools' will be enriched with cultural activities facilitated by Traditional Owners, fostering deeper connections within the community.

As of 2023, there has been  $670,934.58 of all funds raised for  249 completed projects.

What they mean for Homelands

"Community involvement in projects (fundraising initiatives) provides social, spiritual, cultural, health and economic benefits, not only to residents but for visitors that come on to the Homelands. It’s a unique component of the First Nation social and cultural landscape, enabling residents to live on their ancestral lands."

Bill, Traditional Owner of Menngen