Lake Mungo & Culpra Milli

Explore Lake Mungo National Park, a World Heritage Listed area, rich with history and evidence of ancient practices from over 60,000 years ago. The dry lake-bed and sand dunes offer a strikingly beautiful landscape for those that step foot at this significant site.

Experience the changing scenery as you spend time on Barkandji Country on the banks of the Murray River, as the tall River Red Gums that hold thousands of years of stories rustle in the breeze.

Why choose Lake Mungo?

  • Lake Mungo immersions are unique because you spend time at Lake Mungo National Park, an archaeological site that holds the oldest history of human life in Australia
  • Hear the stories from the people who continue to care for, protect and manage their land
  • Receive an Aboriginal Ranger Guided Tour of the Mungo Lunettes and see for yourself the remains of ancient life
  • Spend time on Traditional lands at Culpra Milli Station and engage in practices that have existed for thousands of years, on the banks of the Murray River
  • Learn about the way of life of the River Country people

Explore Lake Mungo Immersion Packages

Homeland Spirit

90% of your time is spent with Homelands and local Community (including the Mungo community)
10% of time spent on First Nations led educational tourism.
Conditions: One group of minimum 20 participants (for schools).
For corporate bookings, please get in touch.
Included: One Tourism Activity

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