All-Grade Immersions

All-Grade Immersions

Our All-Grade program allows every student in a year level to make a safe and meaningful connection with Traditional Owners on Homelands

Whether there are 50 or 300 students in a grade, they are split into small, classroom-sized groups for the majority of the program to ensure they are able to get the most out of the experience, all at the same time. We have been specialists in large, multi-group programs for over a decade:

  • Students visit private, permit protected Homelands that are otherwise in accessible, parting in cultural activities with Traditional Owners
  • Groups have separate itineraries with some crossover, to enable more personal experiences and opportunities to reflect on shared learnings
  • We manage the complex logistics of bridging worlds with our highly-trained staff and round-the-clock regional operations bases

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Case Study

Seymour College

Taking a whole cohort away has long-term beneficial effects on the culture, coherence and dynamics of that year group, giving the students a clear, collective narrative which strengthens their own understanding of their school journey. Our students thrived in the outdoors, learnt much from Traditional Owners, looked after one another and leant into this immersion. We are very much looking forward to our return to the Top End with our next Year 10 cohort in 2024.

- Georgy Jureidini, Head of Barr Smith Campus