Lake Mungo & Culpra Milli

Lake Mungo & Culpra Milli


Explore over 40,000 years of history at Lake Mungo, home to Mungo Man and Mungo Lady – the oldest human remains ever found in in Australia – and delve into the deep spiritual connections the Barkindji, Muthi Muthi, and Nyampar people have to the Willandra Lakes region


Why Choose Lake Mungo & Culpra Milli?


This exciting 6 or 7-day immersion takes in a few days on Country on the banks of the Murray River, spending time with the Pearce family for a personal and unique window into the cultural and historical significance of Culpra Milli.  On Day 3, our groups head East from Culpra to Mungo National Park to explore the park from Indigenous, spiritual, historical, and scientific lenses with Vicki Clarke OAM and the National Park Indigenous Rangers. 


The days at Culpra Milli include:

  • Learning about the ancient fish traps with Uncle Barry
  • Making traditional woven crafts with Sophia Pearce
  • Foraging for and trying unique native bush tucker
  • Fishing for dinner (or a bit of fun) in the river
  • Plenty of time to hear and share stories and history with the Pearce family
  • Exploring Culpra Milli’s ancient trees, fireplaces, and stories
  • Cooling off with a swim after hot days in the sun
  • Opportunities to understand the history of Culpra and the Pearce’s journey to claim Native Title


The days at Mungo National Park include:

  • Connecting with over 40,000 years of history through the archaeological work at Lake Mungo, guided by the Indigenous Rangers
  • Reflecting on the European settlement of Australia through the eyes and stories of Traditional Owner Vicki Clarke OAM who will facilitate part of the immersion
  • Seeing the fossil record come to life, from 20,000 year-old footprints to bones and tools dating back even further
  • Yarning around the fire to reflect on the learnings and journey
  • A cleansing ceremony with Aunty Vicki
  • Beautiful sunrises and sunsets over the picturesque sand dunes
  • Complete immersion in a rich, beautiful, and deeply moving landscape to better understand the connection between Indigenous history, culture, spirituality, and Country


Lake Mungo & Culpra Milli

Connect with Aboriginal spirituality, history and culture in the stunning World Heritage listed Mungo National Park

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