Red Earth Google Maps

Before each immersion you will be supplied with access to a Google Map with locations, specific to your immersion. This map outlines specific locations, routes (vehicle and walking), as well as information for the homelands and region you will be visiting.

Important points:
  • Before your immersion, you should review the map points to; (a) familiarise yourself with the region, and (b) check any new updates to locations or site specific information.
  • This map only works online and won’t work out of service, hence why OsmAnd is also used.
    • You will be supplied the GPX locations of the Google Map (in your team WhatsApp group) which can be uploaded into OsmAnd to allow offline navigation. 

The map shows locations of important places, on your phone click on the pin for more information.

Once you click on a pin, extra information will appear. Photos are included of important locations so that you can familiarise yourself with them prior to visiting the site. 

Maps can also show routes to homelands, communities and different walking tracks. This allows you to familiarise yourself with the region before travelling there. 

Where to find the map once shared: 
  1. Log onto your google account. 
  2. Go to Google Maps.
  3. Click the side menu and scroll down to ‘Your Places’. 
  4. The below options will appear and click on ‘Maps’. 
  5. Any maps shared with you will appear here. Click on the desired map.

Once you click on the map, the map legend and locations will appear.