OsmAnd Maps

OsmAnd is an offline map resource that uses a mobile GPS to plot your location, even when service is unavailable. Red Earth requires leaders to download the app through Google Play or the App Store, and then download specific maps for your required region or state. This has to be completed prior to your immersion, because to download these maps you have to be connected to WiFi.

For information on how to set up OSMand on your phone, go to: http://osmand.net/features/start

For information on loading GPX files into the app, go to: http://osmand.net/help-online#importing_gpx

OsmAnd Capabilities
  • Provides latitude and longitude readings of your location (useful for emergencies)
  • Topographic maps can be downloaded (CHEAPLY) for each region and used to navigate.
  • Maps zoom in to fine detail.
  • Red Earth will send your GPS locations for each community you will visit. These point can be used to navigate to all approved locations during your immersion.

IMPORTANT: Please familiarise yourself with the app prior to the immersion as it takes a little while to set up.

See below video for basic setup of the offline maps. (Note this is using a computer screen view, however same menus are present when setup on a phone)