The Meripah Story 


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  • Cattle Station 
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  • Cooktown Orchid – Totem, endangered 
  • The Wik Mungkan people are the Traditional Owners of Meripah. 


Moompa-Awu Aboriginal Corporation (MAAC)

MAAC is the representative body for the Moompa-Awu people who have a cultural connection to Meripah Station. Moompa-Awu is the spiritual figure that guards and protects the Wik Mungkan People. Formed under the Native Title Act 1993, MAAC holds the land, protects culture and the environment, and undertakes economic development and land management. Through MAAC, Traditional Owners have established sound management and governance, and have improved job prospects with career pathways, whether as workers in the cattle industry, as rangers protecting cultural or natural assets, or as fire management operators. 


The future of Meripah 

As part of their business plan, the Traditional Owners are wanting to continue to sustain and manage country, drive policy, create opportunity within their families and community, and to preserve culture through reconnection and showcasing it to others. A big part of this plan, is to welcome students, businesses and other key stakeholder groups to Meripah so that they can demonstrate how they protect, use, and live alongside country. 


Meripah Campsite


Moompa-Awu Families 


Local Creek at Meripah Station 


Meripah Family Tree 

Note some family members may be deceased. Their names should not be spoken of in respect for that person and their family. 

This family tree is currently unavailable. As we work more closely with the Traditional Owners of Meripah Station, Red Earth will piece together family connections so that we can share this information with our staff.


Meripah Cultural Educators 


Cedric, XXXX & XXXX


May, Marilyn & XXXX


Additional Resources

Learn more about the Moompa-Awu Aboriginal Corporation by visiting their website.