The Melsonby Story 

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  • Brown Snake Totem
  • Lies on Balnggarrawarra country


Indigenous Land and Sea Ranger Program

A large focus for the Traditional Owners is coordinating their ranger program, alongside other local rangers, South Cape York Catchments, and National Parks. They are actively engaged in the conservation of rock art sites, fire management, weed and feral animal control, as well as soil erosion projects. The area they look after spans 80,000 hectares.


Creating Tourism & Educational Opportunities

The Ranger team has been working hard building walking tracks and clearing a campground at Rocky Bend on the pristine Normanby River, while also getting their Certificate III in Tourism and Guiding. The Traditional Owners also host camps for the Conservation and Land Management (CALM) students from Cooktown State School each year. On this camp they


Melsonby Family Tree 

Note some family members may be deceased. Their names should not be spoken of in respect for that person and their family. 

This family tree is currently unavailable. As we work more closely with the Traditional Owners of Melsonby Homeland, Red Earth will piece together family connections so that we can share this information with our staff.


Melsonby Cultural Educators 


Raymond McIvor 

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Joe McIvor 

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