The Balnggarra Story 


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The Battle Camp Massacre

On the 5th of November 1873, a group of miners killed between 80 and 150 Aboriginal people in a lagoon. They were on the road from Cooktown to Palmer River as part of a government party searching for gold and other minerals [1]. This massacre site is of historical significance to the area and is why it is commonly referred to as Battle Camp.


 Crossing at Normanby River


Battle Camp Road


Drive way into Balnggarra


Balnggarra Campground




Balnggarra Family Tree 

Note some family members may be deceased. Their names should not be spoken of in respect for that person and their family. 

This family tree is currently unavailable. As we work more closely with the Traditional Owners of Balnggarra Homeland, Red Earth will piece together family connections so that we can share this information with our staff.


Balnggarra Cultural Educators 


Troy Michael


Bradley Michael



[1] University of Newcastle, 2019. Battle Camp, Normanby River. Available at: <>.