Areyonga – Utju

The Areyonga Story



Areyonga (pronounced arr-ee-yon-ga) Areyonga Community was established during the 1920s when a drought forced a large group of the Pitjantatjara people from the Petermann area into the Hermannsburg area and from there to Areyonga (Utju). The community also has a number of Arrernte and Walpiri people who have joined the community through marriage.  


Lutheran Mission

In the 1940s a Lutheran mission was established. By the 1970s the population at Areyonga decreased significantly as many of the group moved back to the Pitjantjatjara community in Docker River.  The Lutheran mission was closed down in 1990


Land Trust

When the Lutheran Mission was closed the local elders reclaimed control of the community as part of the Haasts Bluff Aboriginal Land Trust. 


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Areyonga Family Tree

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Cultural Educators

Abraham Polson


Cathleen Amata