St Joseph's Gregory Terrace learning spear making with an Elder on Red Earth Indigenous Cultural Immersion in Cape York

“This immersion was a humbling experience which helped me learn about Aboriginal culture. The lessons I learnt and people I met had a big impact on me. It made me rethink my way of living in a more positive way.”

St Rita's students contributing to service project in Arnhem Land on Red Earth Indigenous Service Learning Immersion

“The experience challenged me sometimes, but along the way I laughed so hard and made so many new friends. I loved playing with the children, learning the Indigenous dances and fishing whilst chatting to the Elders.”

Marist College North Shore students visiting aboriginal sacred site on Red Earth Indigenous Cultural Immersion

“My view on Aboriginal culture has vastly expanded, and I now know so much more after going on the immersion. Having the privilege to visit and interact with sacred sites was breathtaking.”

Mrs Sharleen Stone, Year 8 Coordinator, Sacré Cœur School

“Red Earth go above and beyond to ensure everyone is not only safe but are able to learn and gain insight into the Indigenous culture. Travelling to places like Cape York there is always an element of unpredictability, however Red Earth took steps to prioritise safety. The amount of growth we saw in our students across the ten days was phenomenal and this was helped by the well designed and well executed program.”

Gemma, Year 9, Santa Maria College

“I not only learnt so much about Aboriginal culture and history, but learnt even more about myself and truly believe I have become a better person because of this experience. Not a single day on this trip was taken for granted, and each day more memories were made and more knowledge was gained. I know that I will think of this immersion each day for the rest of my life and will always be glad that I took this incredible opportunity.”

Jack, Year 10, Waverley College

“The immersion was a life changing experience that benefited me in such a positive way. The people you meet are amazing and they have such an amazing impact on your life. Listening to their rich and diverse culture and watching how hard they work, it really changes your perspective on life and it really impacts who you want to be when you get back.”