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Maaramaka Homeland receives grant to build Storytelling Shed



Irene Hammett is a Traditional Owner of our partner community Maaramaka, in Cape York. A retired school teacher, Irene is also an author who writes children’s books in Guguu Yimithirr language. The stories are beautifully illustrated by her daughter, Donna.

All members of the Hammett family have a passion for teaching traditional languages, and are strong advocates for the continuation of this integral part of their culture. Students that visit Maaramaka get to experience the Hammett’s passion for language, taking part in lessons and learning useful words and phrases in Guguu Yimithirr. 

This month, Maaramaka was successful in securing a $25,000 grant towards the creation of a Storytelling Shed, an initiative that grew out of an idea from Irene and her family. The awarded funds will go towards the construction of a building on site at the homeland to host workshops and after-school lessons in language and storytelling.

Irene and her other daughter, Tracey, will administer and facilitate the programs, which will increase the number of local children learning and speaking Guugu Yimithirr.

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