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Life continues as normal in Arnhem Land while COVID and protests shut down cities



Here’s a story to make all of the city-dwellers reading this newsletter jealous – last month, Red Earth’s Head of Operations Nick got in touch with Traditional Owner Samuel Nayinggul to see how Samuel and his family have been passing the time during the NT’s lockdown. 

Samuel was surprised to hear about the BLM protests and how bad COVID had become around the world because he had spent the previous 2 months camping out on a river bed at Mikginj Valley with no technology and no news of the outside world. 

While many of us have ben glued to our phones ‘doomscrolling’ and getting excited at the prospect of going outside for exercise, the Nayingguls, like many of our partner Traditional Owners, have been spending their days sitting by the fire, fishing, painting, and living off the rich land in West Arnhem. With the exception of the occasional drive to the shop in nearby Gunbalanya for essentials, this lifestyle will continue until the next Red Earth immersions travel to Mikginj Valley. 

Samuel told Nick he can’t wait to share his Country and knowledge with students again, and his whole family is looking forward to welcoming the next group of students to their homeland. 


July 15 2020  |  Posted by Red Earth

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