Immersion Leader Performance Review



Leader Key Performance Indicators

Form to be completed by relevant Operations and Program Manager around Leader's performance throughout an immersion.
School - Group (e.g. number, colour)
Leader's full name.

Assessment Questions

The following questions score leaders on a scale of 1 to 10, measuring their performance and aptitude throughout an immersion. The intent is to identify high performing staff, and those who require further training. Responses should consider the following sliding scale: 1-2 = Performing below expectations and should not lead another immersion without retraining. 3-5 = Performing below expectations however requires retraining on, or prior to, next immersion. 6-8 = Meeting expectations. 9-10 = Exceeding expectations.
Consider task completion, itinerary facilitation and hard skills, e.g. maintenance/return of equipment, camp craft, food order and Blog management.
E.g. Did the Leader demonstrate a high degree of preparation during the immersion?
E.g. Did the Leader raise or flag potential problems before they could become an issue for the group?
E.g. Used communication channels effectively; was responsive when information was requested.
E.g. Did the Leader work closely with TOs to maximise the community's experience? Overall, could I trust my Leader to do the right thing from thousands of kilometres away?
If you have scored an Immersion Leader as 1-5 in any of the above categories, please provide dot points or teachable examples of the areas requiring training.

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