Cape York & Great Barrier Reef

Cape York & Great Barrier Reef


With the lush green foliage of the Daintree Rainforest as a backdrop for your immersion, Cape York is a tropical paradise, steeped in history and home to a wealth of Indigenous culture and history.


Why Choose Cape York?

  • Meet some of the myriad local fauna and flora on a Daintree River cruise
  • Be Welcomed to Country in a traditional smoking ceremony by Traditional Owners
  • Visit the art centre, women’s centre and other community services in Wujal Wujal
  • Stay on private Homelands inaccessible outside of this setting
  • Paint your own masterpiece to take home with a renowned local artist
  • Fish for your supper with your host family at the mouth of the Bloomfield River
  • Hunting for mud crabs and mussels in the mangroves is a must!
  • Play footy and basketball (and give endless piggybacks) with the local kids at the PCYC
  • Drop in to the local Indigenous primary school to help out in the classroom and the playground
  • Taste local delicacies like green ants and maybe even goanna!
  • Discover the art of using plants and roots to make natural dyes, and dye your own scarf to take home
  • Hike to a sacred site with a Traditional Owner & experience an initiation ceremony
  • Spend your last day snorkelling at 2 remote sites on the Great Barrier Reef


Cape York & Great Barrier Reef

The connection between the people and Country in Cape York is a rich, complex web that must be experienced to be understood.

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