Arnhem Land & Kakadu National Park

Arnhem Land & Kakadu National Park


Aboriginal culture still lives strong in the remote Central North of Australia – one of the last areas settled by Europeans. Nestled by the Arafura Sea, Arnhem Land is home to hundreds of Indigenous Homelands and communities spread across 100,000 square kilometres of breathtaking wetlands, rivers, mountains and coastline. 


Why choose Arnhem Land?

  • See the amazing jumping crocs on the Adelaide River
  • Experience a Welcome to Country ceremony in the local creek, conducted by Traditional Owners
  • Get to know your Indigenous hosts as you camp on their permit-only Homelands
  • Visit Nourlangie Rock and see the 10,000 year old rock art with a Traditional Owner guide
  • Find the perfect trees to make your own Yadakis (didgeridoos) and spears with Elders
  • Cool down with a swim in the picturesque Maguk Gorge in Kakadu National Park
  • Learn to weave your own basket from pandanus leaves
  • Give back to your hosts by contributing to a community service project
  • Explore the bush-supermarket and learn about how Indigenous people use every part of every plant
  • Learn to read the 8 seasons of the flora and fauna through the lens of those who live off the land
  • Get up close and personal with fish, crocs and birds in the Yellow Waters wetlands in Kakadu
  • Fish for your lunch with the local kids


Arnhem Land & Kakadu National Park

Arnhem Land really is Australia's last wild frontier, an opportunity to step back in time and experience authentic Indigenous culture and natural beauty at its richest.

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