Mrs Sharleen Stone, Year 8 Coordinator, Sacré Cœur School

“Red Earth go above and beyond to ensure everyone is not only safe but are able to learn and gain insight into the Indigenous culture. Travelling to places like Cape York there is always an element of unpredictability, however Red Earth took steps to prioritise safety. The amount of growth we saw in our students across the ten days was phenomenal and this was helped by the well designed and well executed program.”

Gemma, Year 9, Santa Maria College

“I not only learnt so much about Aboriginal culture and history, but learnt even more about myself and truly believe I have become a better person because of this experience. Not a single day on this trip was taken for granted, and each day more memories were made and more knowledge was gained. I know that I will think of this immersion each day for the rest of my life and will always be glad that I took this incredible opportunity.”

Jack, Year 10, Waverley College

“The immersion was a life changing experience that benefited me in such a positive way. The people you meet are amazing and they have such an amazing impact on your life. Listening to their rich and diverse culture and watching how hard they work, it really changes your perspective on life and it really impacts who you want to be when you get back.”

Mrs Sascha Bass, Dean of Academic Care, Meriden School

“What an amazing immersion program and opportunity. All students had the opportunity to listen, ask questions and grow in their understanding and appreciation of our Indigenous people and culture. A rich, rewarding and potentially life-changing opportunity for students who were present and engaged in this unique experience.”

Jessica Brincat, Ray White Lower North Shore

“I consider myself very lucky to have been able to visit the APY lands and to spend time with the local communities, learning their traditions and culture. Working in a corporate environment it was great to get out into nature with my colleagues and get to know each other away from the luxuries of everyday life, as a result we have all grown much closer. I struggle to put it into words, but feel my life has been enriched in many ways by this experience.”

Dr Tim Wright, Headmaster, Shore

“The stunning beauty of the region was the first impact as well as the warmth of the welcome we received. I really enjoyed the time we spent with the local people, watching the boys learn new things as well as their teamwork and support of each other.”