Our Team

Our Team


Meet some of our Partner Traditional Owners


Sammy Dodd

Central Australia

Sammy lives just outside of Mimili on a homeland in the centre of the APY Lands. He learned English later in life and prefers to speak in Pitjantjatjara, the traditional language of the area. Having worked as a stockman on cattle stations in Mimili for most of his life, he is a well known local character. These days enjoys a fairly Traditional life on the land, telling people who venture out about his life and culture.


Lois Fraser

Central Australia

Lois is the daughter of Donald Fraser OAM, one of the original architects of the APY lands. She lives on a homeland there, where her children and many of her nieces and nephews are currently studying at primary school. She loves spending her weekends on Country, sharing Songline stories, hunting for Maku (witchetty grub) & kangaroo, and enjoying a yarn by the fire. Lois is proud of her culture and her family’s story, and wants to share it with generations to come.


Margaret Nabulwad

Top End

Along with her sisters Molly, Janice & Dorene, Margaret is a Traditional Owner in a homeland in Rock Country, West Arnhem Land. As a senior Elder, she is consulted on all matters concerning her community. She loves sharing her culture and traditions, especially around Skin Names – what this means, and how it works. Margaret, spends most of her time with family, working together to hunt, gather, weave, and enjoy bush tucker delicacies – including File Snake!




Bill Yidumduma Harney

Top End

Yidumduma Bill Harney is the last fully initiated Elder of the Wardaman people of the Victoria, Flora, and Katherine River Districts of the Northern Territory of Australia. Born in MUY MUY clan country in the early 1930. He is a Master Storyteller, Songman, Didjeridoo Player/Maker, Painter, and Author. All his art forms have the deepest roots in the celebration of his Wardaman Aboriginal heritage and his unique ability to “walk in both worlds” and communicate the joy of his culture to a global audience.


Kathleen Walker

Cape York

 Kathleen is passionate about sharing her culture with local kids and visiting groups alike, as she is keenly aware of how culture and stories are being lost over time. As an Elder of the Kuku Yalanji nation, she is  actively involved in a lot of education and youth initiatives in the Cape York peninsula, and the next generation are paramount to keeping the traditions of her people alive.


Peter Wallace

Cape York

Peter lives in a remote homeland in the Daintree Rainforest. He is driven to support his Homeland to grow and modernise, straddling the traditional and modern worlds. Having spent much of his life watching the Homeland change over the years and the seasons, he is extremely knowledgeable about local flora and fauna. Peter loves sharing a story and  damper with visitors who come to learn about his land.



Meet our Leadership Team


Arthur Alla

Founder and Director

Arthur founded Red Earth in 2011 after spending 9 months volunteering in Cape York and being blown away by the beauty of the region, the people and culture. He is passionate about creating opportunities for Traditional Owners and students to connect and be agents for change in their communities. 



Stuart Gregg

General Manager

With an extensive background in logistics and management, Stuart joined the Red Earth team to support its ongoing growth. In his role, he merges his diverse skillset with a passion for reconciliation. He can often be found cycling very long distances for fun (we’re still unsure why).


Nick Brown-Graham

Head of Operations

Nick oversees the delivery team, working closely with Heads of Region and Staffing to ensure the best immersions possible. After 6 years with Red Earth, he is as committed as ever to providing Traditional Owners the opportunity to host student groups on country on their own terms. Zoomy runner.


Samantha Philpot

Business Development Manager

Sam has a background in outdoor education and in helping social enterprises like us grow, so they can make more impact where it matters. She is passionate about delivering excellent customer service and driving positive change through progressive, meaningful experiences.


Rob Hutchinson

Staffing Manager

Rob is responsible the recruitment and development of all immersion staff. He loves setting others up for success, knowing this will lead to impactful experiences for participants and Traditional Owners. He’s mad about basketball, good food and terrible action films.


Lance Becker

Staffing Officer

Lance is responsible for supporting Red Earth’s Leaders and Assistants. He brings tremendous experience in the people and culture space, and has a genuine desire to see those around him thrive. Lance loves exploring and learning all he can about the wild and wonderful world around him.


Amanda Houghton

Relationship Manager

With an extensive background in relationship and account management, Amanda partners with schools and adult groups throughout their Red Earth customer experience to help facilitate meaningful cultural immersions. Amanda is passionate about youth mentoring, interior styling and being inspired by the world.


Helen Clark

Relationship Manager

Helen is a Victorian-based Relationship Manager who brings to Red Earth more than 30 years of travel & tourism industry expereince. Her career has enabled her to be fortunate enough to visit all 7 continents, however she is thrilled to now be working for an organisation connecting people with Indigenous Communities closer to home and learning beyond the walls of a traditional classroom.


James Wallace-Smith

Relationship Manager

James is a Relationship Manager for Red Earth, after years of experience as a Director of Experiential Learning and teacher of VCE Business, Humanities & Sport at schools in Melbourne and Geelong. Prior to teaching, James worked in Adventure Travel in places like Antarctica and the Arctic, has lived in Nepal, Chile and Kenya and has travelled extensively in Australia as well. He brings years of experience in travel and education to assist schools and corporates to have incredible immersions.


Cassie Mcvey

Relationship Manger

With a diverse background in a variety of sectors across the globe, Cassie has a proven track record in fostering positive relationships, and is deeply passionate about building bridges between Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities, striving to create a stronger and more inclusive society.


Sam Higginson

Relationship Manager

After years of leading events and programs, Sam joined Red Earth to inspire future generations. With a keen focus on building relationships, he is passionate about connecting people to culture, community and country. Outside the office, Sam is an avid songwriter and loves live music.


Andrew Riis

Marketing and Story Lead

A passionate marketer with an expertise in sharing authentic and deep story, Andrew joined Red Earth to help us spotlight our partner Traditional Owners, customers and tell our own story. Beyond his work with us, you might find him surfing, producing a documentary, or even talking to strangers in a coffee shop.


Izzie Taylor

Head of Region – Cape York

Izzie joined Red Earth after spending many years workng and running safaris and training guides in Africa and then more recently wilderness adventures and developing and runnng educational programs in Australia. Her passion lies in wishing to create a gateway into fantastic immersive and life changing experiences and with decades of travel behind her she is always looking for new ways of doing this. When not working she loves travelling to remote places, running long distances and spending time with her family and friends at the beach or in the ocean.


Kerrie Noad

Head of Region – Central Australia & Lake Mungo

Kerrie heads up the Central Australia & Lake Mungo team. She brings a broad knowledge base from a MA in Int. Development and Education and a considerable background in Outdoor Education, teaching, and operating international school expeditions. Kerrie is passionate about collaborating with her team to deliver educational and meaningful immersions that are co-designed with Traditional Owners. Outside of work Kerrie loves to draw and explore Australia in her van.


Leigh Kitto

Head of Region – The Top End

Leigh oversees everything Top End, working closely with the team to make sure we delivery meaningful, engaging and life-changing immersions to the highest standard. Outside of work, Leigh’s top passions are running, photography, family time and watching sport.


Michael Auton

Field Ops Manager – Cape York

Michael joined us with an extensive background in Outdoor Education. At Red Earth, he is across our Cape York operations and works closely with communities to deliver great immersions. He’s a keen fisherman, and loves bringing home a catch to enjoy a nice dinner with the fam!


Brett Nel

Field Ops Manager – Cape York



Laura Siebert

Field Ops Manager – Cape York

Laura’s previous experience lays within the outdoor education sector, in both expedition and centre- based programs. With a bachelor in outdoor education and further studies in Marine Science, she has been lucky enough to make her way more and more north, landing herself in the magical Cape York region and looks forward to help creating unique and powerful experiences.


Penny Anderson

Travel Ops Manager – Cape York

Penny has come on board at Red Earth to help ensure all immersions to Cape York are planned out meticulously. She brings with her over 25 years of experience across travel operations, recently working for Supply Nation to connect Indigenous businesses with corporate and government procurement departments.


Bruce Cartwright

Operational Support – Community Investments and Hands-on Projects

With a diverse skill set, Bruce is responsible for all community investment and hands-on project work across all regions. Bruce has a trade background, has taught Industrial Technology and VET subjects in Secondary Schools, and has worked in the Outdoor Education sector. Bruce’s passion is seeing Traditional Owners and their Families continue culture and develop relationships with immersion groups.







Adam Sebastian West

Field Ops Manager – Central Australia & Lake Mungo

Adam is our man on the ground in Central Australia and Lake Mungo, and brings a wealth of experience from a diverse background in rockclimbing and the creative industries. He holds a deep reverence for Indigenous wisdom and connection to country and works closely with the TO’s of these regions.


Helen Taylor

Travel Ops Manager – Central Australia & Lake Mungo

Helen has an extensive background in student travel, with experience organising educational trips both within Australia and internationally. She has joined the Red Earth team to manage the travel operations for the Central and Lake Mungo regions, as well as to support students to engage with and learn from Traditional Owners and their community. In her free time, she enjoys running and preparing for her next travel destination.


Harry Creed

Field Ops Manager – The Top End

Harry takes care of the nuts and bolts of immersions in the Top End, where he has connections with Traditional Owners and their families across the region. As a keen mountain bike rider, outside of work he’s (usually) avoiding injury sailing down steep trails in nearby National Parks.




Samantha Marks

Finance Manager

With over 20 years of finance and operations experience across various industries, Samantha brings a wealth of knowledge to our team at Red Earth. She is at her happiest when we’re all getting our admin stuff done so she can crunch the numbers. Fun fact: we have three Sams on our team, but Sam is the OG—the original Sam who joined us first.







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